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Player Voice update

[ Edited ]

In last week’s Q&A with the devs we talked about some of the feedback we have received and are currently working on.  To clarify what exactly we are doing with your feedback, here’s a list of the top 15 issues that the community has raised and their status.


Note that as the feedback below has become part of the development cycle, we will be closing these topics on PlayerVoice, so everyone gets their votes back for the next round of feedback.


You can create new ideas and vote on feedback for submission at We will update you about the top issues voted upon on a regular basis, and make them part of the development focus. This is an important step – you have the ability to vote and shape the game as you want.


We’d like to thank you for your suggestions and votes and will keep you posted on future updates!




In game voice chat [in development]

In game voice chat is currently in development. While the game was setup to allow users to speak with the parties they created and people they trust, you have indicated this does make teamwork among strangers more difficult. As team based gameplay is our main focus, we are currently working on this feature as a top priority. We are targeting the December update to have this functionality. It will automatically enable you to talk to your faction and will allow you to mute players (to retain that classic Killzone Shadow Fall feel :smileywink:).


Killzone 2 style proximity chat [not at the moment]

We feel that the in game voice chat and Multiplayer battle chatter (both in development) are the first set of in game voice improvements we want. We should revisit this feature if the community still wants it after they have been listening to the new voice enhancements.


Ranking system [in design]

Instead of an XP system, we currently add skill-based ranks based on the challenges you have completed. As the community has indicated it really would like to see a ranking system that also would show their progress as a player, we are currently designing a ranking system that celebrates this challenge progress and assigns players with rank names and accompanying icons.


Clan system [in design]

We are in the process of designing the clan system and it will be deployed in phases. It will be better suited for Shadow Fall’s team oriented, objectives based gameplay. We expect the first deployment to be early 2014.


Player scorecard split into teams [under consideration]

We are actively looking into ways to put this information in the most logical way possible for Shadow Fall’s gameplay. No final decision on an implementation has been made yet.


Customized Multiplayer Announcements [not yet, but…]

Adding customized multiplayer announcements is certainly an option, but we don’t want the game to get too noisy and distracting. As we will soon be releasing a new feature that lets you customize your Multiplayer battle chatter (“reviving”, “shield activated…” etc.), we will review this feature again after that customization of MP chatter is in the game, which is targeted to be part of the December update.


Hip firing [under investigation]

We are considering this and are currently gathering and studying our gameplay data on hip firing accuracy and whether it is working/not working as intended. We need to be very careful about tweaking the accuracy, as this could inadvertently unbalance the game in another direction. No final decision has been made yet.


Overpowered drones [under investigation]

Again, we are looking into the gameplay data for Air Support drones and turrets. No final decision yet.


In game party system [under consideration]

We rely on the PSN party system which works across all games. We are considering creating our own party-system to accommodate more ad hoc squad based play.


Sniper friendly map [coming soon]

As part of our free DLC, one of the first few maps being prepped for release has some long engagement distances that might help snipers suppress enemies and support their team. Of course, it is designed to have alternate routes that can help Supports and Assaults break the flank as well. Stay tuned for more news on our next map drop.


Ammo supply boxes showing up on the mini map [coming soon]

We’re not planning to have fixed ammo locations in the map, as the support class can place them anywhere in the map. However, we are working on ways to make these locations much more obvious on the radar.


Official Classic 24 player warzone [currently live]

We’ve created the warzone and it is live.


Display K/D ratio for everyone [not at the moment]

We do not think worrying about your deaths is the way to play Shadow Fall, and a lot of the community members actually enjoy our renewed focus on objectives and team based gameplay. That being said, all players have the ability to create Warzones with Kills and Deaths as Primary and Secondary sorting on the leaderboards.


Co-op mode to have playable Helghast [not at the moment]

Our team is currently working on the design of the co-op mode, and fine tuning the gameplay. Stay tuned for news on playable characters – we can’t confirm which characters you will play with at this time, but we can confirm you will not be playing as a Helghast.


Being able to identify my party members [in design]

We are designing ways for you to identify your team members and party members. One of the things we have done is print names of party members in blue on the scoreboard and in game. We’ll keep a close eye on this to see if this adds more clarity to players.

Online Ribbons [under investigation]

This is added to the backlog and our developers are investigating the possibilities.


Petrusite Grenade [under investigation]

Our developers are looking into a way to identify the grenades easier. This is still an ongoing process.


Bot Limit for Both Teams [under investigation]
This is added to the backlog and our developers are looking into the possibility of letting the turrets and other automata deconstruct once a player dies.


Grenade Launcher [under review]

Our community manager Jeroen is in talks with competitive players to see if this limitation is still desirable.


No Primary Ability [under investigation]

Our game designer Steven Ter Heide is looking into the possibilities of implementing this suggestion.

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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

This makes me happy. The chat, clan support,and supply boxes in particular. Gonna cross my fingers on prox chat and un-nerfed air bots.
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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

Is this just for multiplayer issues/suggestions? I've seen loads of people requesting a new game save mechanic for the campaign mode as there's a lot of frustration in saving at a certain point only to have to re-play a majority of the chapter again.

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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

Looks like a pretty good list! Thanks for the update.

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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

looks great , bots are fine ! cant believe people want to nerf them .If they get any weaker whats the point of having them!



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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

Good to see this! This is great work.
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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

Its great to see that you are listening to us! 
BTW I'd like to bring up another subject: I've got a NA copy of Killzone but Im brazilian and would like to play in portuguese, but it isnt available in the disc. Will you make other languages available to download at some point? Thanks!

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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

Great list. One thing that needs to be added is that when you have a 19 killstreak you should automatically get the 20th free so you don't have to wallow in self-pity for hours afterwards when you **** it up :smileyhappy:

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Re: PlayerVoice update: response to the top 15 feedback items

Please don't nerf turrets.

Once I unlocked the rockets, it's just a matter of having a support role do his/her job. Nerfing turrets will make them absolutely useless, and frustrate those looking to get turret-related challenges


Please bring back Assassination mode.


Add more modes to 24p Warzone. And instead of playing all the enabled modes, games should end when a team wins the majority of the rounds.

So, enable 7 modes in a Warzone, but end the game when one team gets to 4.