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Re: Killzone Community - 3v3 tournament

red_mr2turbo wrote:

i have no idea what you're talking about 7-13.  I just remember having my dick in your mouth and you were looking at me just the way your mom was when she was sucking me.  It's a video game that i play when I'm bored, so just keep sucking me like your mom. LOL.


Ninja you need thicker skins.  Never started the shit talk.  Just stating some facts.  Just hate seeing this LEAD clan always begging someone to play for them.  Now out of nowhere some bitch started yelling at me asking, who i am so seeing what I do for a living it was just a natural response.


will be back in a few months again to have buk and his mom suck me.

From where did u infer that we beg other players to join 

Look at our line up, its the same since kz3 days. U wudnt know that because ur just a Random person with an uninformed opinion who resorts to sexual innuendos to cover up for ur lack of information.

Taarabt joined lead as his first clan in sfall and played with us a lot. Usathief being sporting as he is joined us long time back even though he knew we were not close to e2/war/etc, he knew we played anybody and everybody with whoever is online in our clan.he has played lot of cms with us.

Usa and taarabt left temporarily as they wanted to bring down the ratings of some lagging clans and they formed a beast lineup. As the cm scene has become very slow, t4am clan and lead weren't as active as before except on weekends. Hence, the call out to return back so that we can at least have enough active and get cms played.

In the kz tourney, we played largely with core members and each match almost had a different lineup as we gave main accounts/old timers preference over sub's.

Anyhow, greenbuk will take care of u both here and in game. Have fun.


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Re: Killzone Community - 3v3 tournament

been to Iraq a few tours and have yet to get my ass kicked or killed. .



a bit obvious seeing as your posting unless your a ghost booooooooooooo.!!!!!  |

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Re: Killzone Community - 3v3 tournament

Lol its funny that after turbo got his dick kicked in and posted in one of my this week in kz vids (cant remember which one hes pretty irrelevant) hes fled the game just like kroni since