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Guerrilla Games - Developer
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[ Edited ]

After some discussion and a round of user input, we have decided to implement a small set of guidelines, to make it easier for us to more actively moderate the forum and to make the community a better place for all of us. 


Moderation manifest

We want to make this place as useful as possible for everyone. This means Killzone vets as well as more inexperienced players. We understand we serve a passionate and vocal community and we wouldn't have it any other way. We understand this is also a place where you might need to vent your frustrations and we are open for discussions, even though we might not always agree. This means we will be taking a liberal approach to moderation. When we need to moderate, we will only remove a topic when we absolutely have to.




The good

  • When opening a new topic, take 2 extra seconds to give it a proper title. We'd love to see titles that provide clarity on the subject. Use tags when appropriate: [MP] [SP] for multi/singleplayer, [MAP/LEVEL X] for specific levels, etc, etc.
  • Give kudos to threads or replies you like or find valuable.
  • If you have a bug-report and want to make sure a dev sees it, please use the proper channels. We are unlikely to respond to bug-reports on the forum. 
  • The same goes for feature requestsWe will be actively closing feature requests as of now, as we’d like all of them to go through PlayerVoice. 


The bad

  • Don't post or do stuff that can get us in trouble. Stuff like that will be removed at our (or our lawyers) discretion.
  • Cheaters need to be reported to Sony, as PSN account management is beyond our control. There is both a US Complaint Form and an EU Grief Report Forum, simply fill them out and submit them depending on your region. We will not be responding to cheat-reports on the forum. However, If you find an exploit, please let us know, so we can fix it!!


The ugly

  • We understand topics can get heated from time to time. It's the internet. Disagreements happen. If so, take a second before posting. It's one thing to be sharp and witty, it's another thing to be completely disrespectful.
  • Obvious trolling, inflammatory or extraneous posts will be closed.