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Re: Competitive Warzone changes

Looks like the game finally got finished I guess.

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Re: Competitive Warzone changes

Yeah it is finished. Too bad no one is around to see it.

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Re: Competitive Warzone changes

[ Edited ]

What I've always loved about killzone is they still keep competitive FPS shooter essentials like no AIM ASSIST.
The main thing that changed Killzone since Killzone 2 is levels are
smaller and Character classes have become to sophisticated as opposed to
how solid, basic, and balanced they where. They changed critical
actractions to the multiplayer like 32 player matches, mobile squad points, proximity chat, With the levels being smaller, the uniqueness of "Dynamic Objectives" seem unecessary, even the objective icons can be confusing.
As a huge fan of the franchise there have been a lot of changes. Some have been great.  The
single player is the area that hasn't improved at all but multiplayer has
been where its at for me. There was a lot more cooperation from both
teams to obtain mission goals. Now its more of an arena multiplayer and
you only care about yourself.

I still play Shadowfall from time to time, but nowhere near how Killzone 2 was my go to game, for 2 years. 

Send me a chat request sometime Guerilla I would love to help anyway I can and always looking forward to future releases.