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To keep you up to date on the improvements we're making to Killzone Shadow Fall we're publishing this changelog. In it, you'll find the latest updates on the issues we are working on (or have worked on in the past). 


Patch release timeline


  • 1.01 - November 2013
  • 1.02 - November 2013
  • 1.03 - November 2013
  • 1.04 - November 2013
  • 1.05 - November 2013
  • 1.07 - December 2013
  • 1.08 - January 2014
  • 1.09 - February 2014
  • 1.10 - February 2014
  • 1.11 - February 2014
  • 1.12 - April 2014
  • 1.13 - April 2014
  • 1.14 - April 2014


Latest status


KZ2 style proximity chat Not at the moment
Clan system Will be rolled out in stages. First stage to appear in patch 1.09.
Customized Multiplayer Announcements Not at this time.
Hip Firing We are gathering telemetry and monitoring it closely. As it stands, we're not seeing a significant reason to change hip firing.
Overpowered Drones Our player data suggest we need to leave them as is.
In game party system This will not happen anytime soon.
Ammo supply boxes shwoing up on the mini map This was added in 1.07.  Note that the ammo box icon only shows up when you’re on your last clip.
Official Classic 24 player warzone This is live since end of November. 
Display K/D Ration for everyone Not at the moment. It is already possible to create leaderboards based on kills and deaths.
Co-op mode to have playable Helghast Not at the moment.
Ability to identify party members Has been implemented in patch 1.07.
In game voice chat Has been implemented in patch 1.07.
Checkpoint saving In patch 1.07 we updated the interface to clarify checkpoint messages. As of patch 1.09, this will be completely fixed.
Character personalization We have added some personalization options through voice packs, drone skins and player cards. This will be it for the moment.
Ability to kill downed enemies We have investigated and decided not to proceed with this as it would have a huge impact on the use of the revive droid. However, we did fix some issues related to this. For instance, we removed the red cross hair and hit indicators to indicate a downed enemy cannot be killed while mortally wounded. If the issue persists, we will revisit it.
Grenade collision with invisible walls This was partly fixed with the 1.08 patch. It will completely be fixed with patch 1.09.
Assassination mode We have tested designs for this, but the gameplay wasn't up to the standards we would have liked. It would take too much resources to implement this.
Operations mode We have investigated this and there is no way we can do this efficient enough for our resource budget.
Introducing Deatchmatch/Free For All Mode After a thorough investigation we’ve concluded that an FFA mode is not feasible for Killzone Shadow Fall – the game was designed from the ground up to be team based and FFA would require too many significant additions and alterations.
Classic Weapons Pack In development.
Squad Leader Spawn Not right now.
Turning on team chat by default This will be the case as of patch 1.09.
Make spawn beacon the primary ability for support We have crunched the data and found that the current setup offers a good balance for the other abilities and classes. Therefore, we will not be changing the support abilities. We will continue to investigate other ways of promoting Spawn Beacon utilization.
Companion app We're not doing this right now, as we have a responsive site that should be able to show most of the functionality on any device, but will reconsider as soon as we have specific functionality we think is worth developing a companion app for.
Remapping controls We are currently gathering data on players wishes and will bring those in a forthcoming patch.
Split screen mode Not right now
Team balancing We have made some changes to the matchmaking algorithm based on our data.
Lag improvement We expanded our servers in South America and Asia (and are investigating the Middle East). This should improve the situation.
Sniper friendly map This will be part of our first DLC pack.
Back to Helghan DLC Retro maps are now in development for a future update. Classic weapons are also in development, and will be in the first MP expansion. Soldier skins are under investigation.
Fix turning you around upon revival This suggestion has been added to our backlog and will be implemented if resources allow it.
Reduce muzzle flash from guns The muzzle flash has been reduced for the guns reported as the most “flashy”. If you find a particular gun stilll needs fixing, please create a new suggestion.
Fix the flashlight glitch This has been fixed in Patch v1.09.
Reviving Should NOT Resupply Ammo/Grenades! This suggestion has been added to our backlog and will be implemented if resources allow it. We will try reducing the resupply first to see if that helps. In the meantime, we’re marking this as ‘completed’ so you can have your vote points back.
Killzone Shadow Fall World Ranking Leaderboard This has been added to the backlog for the website and will be implemented if resources permit it.
Split Support Class into Support and Medic After careful evaluation, we’ve decided that Implementing this suggestion would require too substantial a redesign/rebalancing of the classes for our multiplayer.
Can we have PS Move support? We have no plans to add support PlayStation Move to Killzone Shadow Fall.

Put all the lobbies on the front home page

We’ve reworked the lobby, so we’re marking this suggestion as ‘completed’. If you have specific feedback about the user experience for the new lobby, please create a new suggestion.



As a reminder: this changelog is very much a work in progress. It will be kept up to date as much as possible. As it is, I've left out some issues that are still under investigation. These will be added as soon as we know more (we're following it up internally as we speak).