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Patch 2 Router Guidelines

[ Edited ]

With patch 2, changes have been made to the way peer to peer connections are made in Killzone Mercenary. This means that our advice on what to do if you are experiencing problems while joining into or maintaining a connection for multiplayer games has also changed.


Please see below for possible solutions if you are having issues.


(Please note: PS Vita Wi-Fi connectivity with certain routers will be improved in the forthcoming 3.0 firmware release.)



Previous Settings


If you previously forwarded ports to try and solve connectivity issues in Killzone Mercenary, then these forwarded ports will now be invalid after the patch.

If you previously had to place your PS Vita into the router’s DMZ in order to solve connectivity issues then this may no longer be required after the patch.

You may find that after the patch your problems have been resolved without any further configuration by yourself. Should this not be the case, and you continue to have persistent problems then please see the instructions below:


IMPORTANT: Contact your Internet Service Provider or router manufacturer for proper instructions on how to make a configuration change on your router, input port information for your network or to set up a DMZ device.

Please note that there are some technical aspects to the information below and you should feel comfortable with carrying them out, and have permission to do so, before you make any alterations.



New Settings



The simplest way of allowing Killzone Mercenary to make peer to peer connections is to enable UPnP on the router. The “Enabling UPnP on your router” section details how to do this.
If this is not possible for whatever reason, or if this does not work for you, then please refer to the additional “Port forwarding..” section for how to explicitly forward the requisite ports onto your PS Vita.


Enabling UPnP On Your Router

To do this, go to your router’s setup page, locate the UPnP setting (this is usually in the form of a check box) and enable it. Most routers will have it enabled as default, so you may not need to do anything.

Note: some routers have a speed limitation setting for UPnP connections, but it is advised to either leave this as it is, or set it to your line speed or above.

Once you have changed the UPnP settings, the router may need to restart in order to update its configuration. Once done, the PS Vita should be rebooted and the Killzone Mercenary application re-launched.


Port Forwarding To Your PS Vita

Forwarding ports can be achieved in two stages – firstly you will need to put your PS Vita onto a static IP address (so that we can tell the router where to forward the ports on to) and secondly you will need to setup the router to forward the actual ports.


Step by Step Guide to Setting up a Static IP on your PS Vita

  1. Select the Settings Application from your PS Vita’s home page

  2. Select the Network option

  3. Select the Wi-Fi Settings

  4. Select your Wi-Fi Connection

  5. Select the Advanced Settings option

  6. Follow the information below:

    Set IP Address to the address previously chosen
    Enter into Subnet Mask
    Set Default Gateway to match your Router’s IP Address
    Set Primary DNS to match your Router’s IP Address

    Select ‘OK’, and select back until you reach the screen below. This is to ensure the information is saved in your PS Vita.

    Select the ‘Internet Connection Test’ to ensure it can connect to the PlayStation Network located on the screen below.



Setting Up Port Forwarding To Your PS Vita


Once again, you need to go into your router’s setup page, and locate the port forwarding settings.
Killzone: Mercenary’s game networking requires the following ports to be forwarded :

UDP Port 10070


Additionally, you may need to forward the following core ports used by PS Vita for Playstation Network services that are documented here.


(Note: Usually only the UDP ports from that link would need forwarding to your PS Vita.)


These ports should be forwarded on to the static IP address you just set up. Once you have done this, the router may need to restart in order to update its configuration. Once done, the PS Vita should be rebooted and the Killzone: Mercenary application re-launched.



Troubleshooting And Caveats.

Double NAT-ing

If your PS Vita’s AP router is plugged into a base router or modem router, via a network cable, then you could have a “double NAT” connection.

Here, the UPnP cannot work, and also makes port forwarding impossible. Subsequently, the chances of experiencing connectivity failures in Killzone: Mercenary are increased.

The advice would be to switch the PS Vita to utilise the base modem if it provides a wireless AP, or to enable a direct pass through mode on the base modem, if that option is available.

It is recommended to consult with the provided equipment manuals and your ISP as to best means to achieve that.


Multiple PS Vitas Behind One NAT

If a PS Vita playing Mercenary is already connected to your AP, then you may experience connectivity issues when bringing in other Vitas into multiplayer sessions behind that same AP.

The recommendation is to run one Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer client, per access point.


In the eventuality that you’re still experiencing problems after the above:

WiFi Mode

Whilst in theory the WiFi mode configured on the access point should not matter, some users have seen improved connectivity stability by switching their access point from 802.11g/n mode to 802.11b only. This setting would normally be in the 'wireless' or 'wifi' section of your router configuration.



The original troubleshooting guideline, repeated below, to move the PS Vita into the DMZ may assist.

To put your router into the DMZ, go into your Router’s setup page, locate the setting for DMZ, and enter the static IP you placed your PS Vita onto above. The router may need to restart after changing this setting in order to update its configuration.  Once done, the Vita should be rebooted and the Killzone Mercenary application re-launched.