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Registered: ‎04-08-2008

trying to play online - network error occurred

hi all. 


well i've decided to pick up killzone again but cant get to play online (combat zone). 

every time i try to log in it says


network error occurred, could not establish a connection


now i already had the V1.2 update (chapter 5 & online, back when it was downloadable!) but i wondered if that was causing a problem so deleted it & reinstalled it, following the instructions on these forums.

its installed fine so maybe it wasnt that thats causing the problem?


am i doing something wrong? 

Posts: 3
Registered: ‎04-08-2008

Re: trying to play online - network error occurred

right i've got it sorted now! though this will need explaining as its aimed at EU users


EU killzone liberation is dead! seems it was turned of a few years ago Smiley Sad but dont panic! if you have the EU version of the game you can still get online! just follow the advice in this thread

it wasnt that clear to me reading it but i've  figured it out now Smiley Happy


basically you download the US online patch & chapter 5. you leave chatper 5 in the US game folder (UCUS98646) but move the online patch eboot to the EU folder (UCES00279). 


when you start the game again you'll be starting from scratch! or so the game believes! what in fact happens is that your EU save game is there, you just are now technically playing the US game. 


to save on losing your progress, you could have a second memory card, one for EU game to play through the other for US game just for online. or you could just start the game all over again if you love it!

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Re: trying to play online - network error occurred

From what Seb Downie the Producer of Guerrilla Games said the online servers are down


If you go to that link and go down to MotherH666 (Seb's username on the Ps forums) he says that they laid the online servers for liberation to rest a while ago.