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Registreret: ‎03-02-2008

Needing Online Help? - FAQ - READ NOOBS!

I made a quick thread for people looking for help on the online feature. I saw none posted a whole thread, but i went through and found a bunch of threads that were people repeating other peoples threads. So i put most of them together


Q. How do i get the update?
A. In the main menu which contains Options, Play and such. Select 'Downloads'. (Note: This requires an internet connection)

Q. Whats a handle and how do I get one? (Also: How do I get online?)
A. First you need to go to and register for a handle, this requires a network code often found on a colored card in the psp's box (Red for NZ,Australia and such). If it's brand new it's bound to come with one, if not, contact playstation for a new one, they will ask for the model and serial number which is located under the battery.

Q. How do i hack
A. Don't

Q. My Account points/rank aren't not updating
A. Try going online on your psp again, or access from the main menu in KZ:L and login, else don't blame me

Q. Whats KZ:L
A. Killzone:Liberation

Q. hasn't replied
A. Read this:

Q. How do I use a headset?
A. I'm pretty sure it's one of the D-Pad(Directional Arrow Pad), most likely Down Arrow.

Now for all those new people! Stop posting threads, actually read through the forums, or at least search the forums near the top of the page on the right.

Please don't reply to this unless your fixing something i wrote wrong or something i missed.
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Registreret: ‎03-02-2008

Re: Needing Online Help? - FAQ - READ NO

Q. How do i link my account to playstation?
A. Read this:;jsessionid=J9cch2Xozli4xi1u9hmwaQ**.cetclx124?newsID=DSxyCCBeXKejfVEnuVJdy299rqs3Zrcn
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Re: Needing Online Help? - FAQ - READ NOOBS!

ok i dont know what a handle is what is it and how is it linked to me being able to get on through my psp
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Re: Needing Online Help? - FAQ - READ NOOBS!

this doesnt help much

read my thread at the english forums "FAQ"
it also got humor