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Registreret: ‎08-05-2007

Join the TDA Clan!

Hi, i'm TDA Hellfire, the leader of the TDA clan, I am finally back online after a painful wait for my online PIN number. Trist humørikon

But now, i'm back, and ready to accept the next wave of entries!
If you wish to join and fight with us and our alias, go to:

Thank you

TDA Hellfire
Indlæg: 30
Registreret: ‎01-04-2008

Re: Join the TDA Clan!

Hi, Im USS Toxicity and i would like to join TDA if there is any free spaces
i'm posting this message on many of your forums so you get to read it.
im 3 stars leaderboard position: 330 (roughly)
i'm currently in a clan called USS but they are rubbish so i want to join your clan
also played online with many of your players and they are very good Glad humørikon
Indlæg: 74
Registreret: ‎11-25-2007

Re: Join the TDA Clan!

okej, maybe you should go to the official new clanpage,: and then click forums...
cya, TDA Kastor