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Re: How to defeat "Revenge of Metrac"

I'd say Metrac and cobar is very hard( unless you fight with general stratson - HE IS HARDY!!) Well, you first try your best to reach the supply depot in the South east. you go in to weapons, and get a rocket launcher. Give cobar's crazy- shooting machine gun some yummy grenades and missiles. He will be happy to recieve your little presents. After it's destroyed, or before it's destroyed, cobar will throw some bitter-tasting missiles at you. try your best not to get hit by those missiles, because there is only 2 healths in the supply depots combined! After the machine gun is destroyed, it's the easy part. If you are doing this in easy mode, you will have few missiles left. aim the missile launchers attached to cobars tank (use L+R) and shoot and destroy. He will send you some spider mines to kill you. Don't worry! their healths are only 2! When you finish destroying the missile launchers, you can destroy the spider mine hatch or the spinning grenade launcher(spider mine hatch is close to missile launchers, so you might destroy them instead of missile launchers.) After destroying everything, see what happens. (Caution: Keep your eyes open! Or you will get killed by the grenades or the spider mines) Thanx for readin'
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wheres the whole..i can only type the title WTF!

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HINT : always press L+R when shooting the guns, but no at the spiders.
1. dont destroy the machine gun, destroy first the rocket launchers with the rocket launcher on the left side supply box. AIM HARD if you let one rocket missed your dead.
....because, if you destroy his main gun, his rockets will be his main now and will shoot rockets at you endlessly. 2 rockets per his R. launcher.

2. after you destroy the rocket now you can destroy the machine gun with the sniper, hide in one of the pillars!
3. After that destroy his grenade launchers with any gun, but be sure its automatic because he will deploy spider mines.
4. After you destroy his grenade launchers now destroy his spider door with an automatic gun, if you can destroy a spider mine
next to the door, it will destroy the door. YOU WIN!!!


1. roll out if he shoots out grenades.
2. fire your best shot at him.
3. do the same thing! (hit-and-run)....but watch out if you dont have cover he will pwned you to the ground. If he sees you.
4. at the machine gun dont be stupid enough to shoot the gun. just shoot the batteries (L+R).
5. after that do the same. hit-and-run. YOU WIN!!!

Stratsons latest ISA technology.

1. kill the dumb snipers!!!
2. kill the side helghast.
3. i think you got through all of that so lets skip to the robot shall we.

4. before he gets to the robot, grab all mines at the two supply box at your side. at place them beside the sandbags.
5. when he becomes a robot grab the lightest gun! .while he steps at the mine field, dont just stand there! move and dodge his attacks! (DONT SHOOT)
6. once he get past the mines. quickly go to the destroyed terrace and grab the rocket launcher at the third supply box. at go to the terrace again quickly
before he trap you.
7. once there (its easy if you got unlimited ammo for unlimited rockets). shoot him all you can with the rockets.
8. but watch out or you could hit your self (you will know it when the rocket turns down :because it homes: and hit the cover beside you) DONT just shoot
you must dodge his attacks to!!! YOU WIN!!!!

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Re: How to defeat "Revenge of Metrac"

Ok this is what you do: First get the assault rifle or the MB2 then when you start attacking first take out the Machine Gun then the granade launcher. Then you get the BLR-08 Missle Launcher and distroy the spidermine cages and the missle launche and use the metal rectangular thing to protect you from the MG and granades. If you follow this you should have no problem!