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ECS needs you for KZ3 clan

The Elite Covert Snipers

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We are looking to take in 2 to 3 new members in our clan. We are a high activity clan and you can check out our clan page if you like. We are The Elite Covert Snipers however we will accept any classes at the time (preferably a good "run and gun" and a good "shoot and move" guy). All will be considered. Preferences are at least a level 20 with more than 10 to 20 hours of game time, however, if you are on the rise because you have not had the game quite long enough to reach this requirement we understand so please apply because you will be considered either way.. This is strictly to assure us that you have a good perception of the maps as we like to play very tactical according to each individual map. We are looking for someone who will play frequently with us (daily or every other day) as much as possible. We generally play weekdays around 10 AM to 3 PM EDT or 10pm to 5am EST. If you are interested feel free to reply to this post or go to our clan page and click on the "Apply for Clan Position" button at the bottom left portion of the page. Also, you MUST have a MIC because it is critical in tactical planning and strategizing during clan matches. Look forward to hearing from a couple of you guys.




The Elite Covert Snipers

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Re: ECS needs you for KZ3 clan

hi i am desperately looking for a clan and i am a lieutanent colonel 1 i have 3,20.687 xp 46 headshots 902 kills 0.53 kill to death ratio and achieved 81 ribbons and a 10 killstreak from a sniper rifle but  i dont have a mic i am looking forward to buyin 1 i hope u understand and please accept me!

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