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Registreret: ‎01-26-2008

Connection to server unavailable...

So, whenever I log on in the infastructure mode, it does everything what it supposed to do. It says "connecting", and then an error pops up like "The connection to server temporarily unavailable". So, when is this going to be fixed? Or how to fix it on my psp?
BTW, im from Europe and have never played Killzone online before, the login name and password are correct.
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Registreret: ‎01-27-2008

Re: Connection to server unavailable...

I dont know why but What IS That there is called Handle Also

HANDLE;Niko852 <---- What Is Handle
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Registreret: ‎11-05-2008

Re: Connection to server unavailable...

hey i also have some questions about online gaminG....on this website there is a leaderboard and stuff but im totally named different on the killzone liberation on psp so im wondering if i could change that and change it to the psp name. oh yeah and i also have the problem of "network are not available for the moment..." how can i fix this??? are the other players having the same problems??? i dont know so give me answer plz!!!!