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Registado: ‎07-22-2010

%100 Workingg Killzone onlien game and chapter 5 upload

ı am from turkey ı can few speak english ı am soryy Smiley muito feliz

friends first, at least 120MB memory card, where you should be

Now install ( 8.5mb ) file, as is written off and rardan PSP from usb to PC connected to the memory card you are entering sopnra

from there the PSP / GAME folder, " UCUS98646 " We are named after the file copy and paste

if the PSP is an important point { europa " UCUS98646 " The name of the folder that will be decided

other version of the PSP folder on your name " UCES00279 " change in this way

Europe , because of mine " PSP/GAME/UCES00279 " I made this way }

friends that "memory card " and from there enter the "PSP "folder into the Ordanda " GAME "folder into it there

I give " 8MB " files " UCUS98646 " folder are sticking to

Enter the game and if you connect to the Internet , point downloads'a " view setting memoriy " Fela is the author do not issue

I quit the game normally open web page from there clear steps in to say "off "position in that setting "on" to position .

Once the memory card anyway download'a alcaksınız warning him about the I " rounded " 0 " key and continue pressing the screen and then wait a moment when black

" 0 "button and wait for the press as the game did yuklemiş

onlien norms that you upload will be decided to play it yardımıc enters the game in the multiplayer section of the left side of the combat zone , such as Enter author onlien


The second step after this upload

psp/game/UCUS98646 / here "killzone" his second dosyamızadaki ( 74mb ) enter into the file and the latest in the third dosydana " CHAPTER5.BIN "this file kopyalayaıp

psp/game/UCUS98646 / paste here, and chapter 5 was loaded

Not 100 % of the sites quote yanabcı barely a week as far as I understand are the fruit ugraşım result .

Do not see a thank you a lot after that can not download files of arkdaşlar yoluya ulasırlarsa help me my e-mail or pm .

HotFile first ( 8.5mb ):====>

HotFile second ( 77mb ) :====>


rapidshare birncisi ( 8.5mb ) :====>

rapidshare second ( 77mb ) :====> Rar.html

rar password : boxor