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memorable quotes (got any share)

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these are quotes i gathered from the last 4 games i played


player 1 "so you just gonna use the lmg and spam"


player 2 "hell yeah man i dont even got to aim with the thing lol"


Player "lets take the spawn area guys and kill them while they try to leave their base lol"


player "everyone just use marksmen and tacticians those bastards wont know where we at and our tacticians can just give away their positions lol"




i agree with people comments that this game is super unbalance. if you want my opinion i think marksmen are overpowered. tacticians can counter the marksman radar jammer but then the marksmen habe "invisivbility" which we cannot counter cause it doesnt get picke dup by the tactician ability. every gun with scope (excluding the lmg) is overpowered comapred to those that dont have scope. why did i exclude the lmg?? cause is spammabletacular you dont need to aim for that **bleep**. oh lets not forget the 60 meter shotgun kills guerilla sure loves throwing at us.

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Re: memorable quotes (got any share)

some guy kept yelling "Call of Duty Call of Duty!!!!" the whole game. ironic