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Would you like Killzone 2 & 3 remastered on PS4?

Earlier this week I wrote a blog:

I have explained how guerrilla should remaster killzone 3 multiplayer on PS4.

I then tweeted a few of the guys from Guerrilla along with Shuhei Yoshida, and it seems to have gained some traction. If you agree with me, then sign up and retweet, because we need to make ourselves heard!

Someone over at NeoGaf picked up on this and started a thread and the general consensus is that a lot of people want KZ2, and a lot of people want KZ3. I want both!

But the only way to get Guerrilla to take notice and give us true fans what we want, is by making ourselves heard. I'm sure they could set up a small team to handle the remasters? Like I said in my blog, if Naughty Dog can get the last of us on ps4 at 1080p 60fps and 343 industries can get Halo 4 at 1080p 60fps on Xbox One then Guerrilla CAN do this with KZ2 and KZ3.

Like I say, any replies, retweets of support would mean a lot. I invested 1000 hours (plus) in KZ2 & KZ3, they're still two of the best shooters around and are easily the best exclusive shooters in PlayStation history. I truly believe a project like this would unite ALL of the killzone fans and desperately want this to happen.

Please Guerrilla, #4TheFans?

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Re: Would you like Killzone 2 & 3 remastered on PS4?

please please please i need my fix of killzone 3 and 2!

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Re: Would you like Killzone 2 & 3 remastered on PS4?

[ Edited ]

It seems like your realy dedicated to making this happen & it seems like Guerrilla might be hearing you. So let me share with you my ideas for a perfect Killzone 2/3 remaster on the PS4. Hopefully the devs can take some time away from twitter to read my idea here on the "official" Killzone forum.Smiley Wink


Combine Killzone 2 & 3 into one game (Both games were made consecutively during the same timeline, plus they share all the key similarities that would make it possible to combine both multiplayers into one. )



Step 1: remaster all the maps from both KZ2 & 3, including all the DLC maps & combine them into one multiplayer. Don't overhaul the maps, just do a simple remaster. 1080p, 60fps, make the graphics crisper & add extra details on the maps to make them look Next gen.


Step 2: Create Warzone & Operations mode on all the maps.


Step 3: Make the multiplayer lobby the same as Killzone 2's. By giving us the simple & easy to navigate serverlists, with custom games. (Do NOT include matchmaking). Matchmaking sucks.


Step 4: Make two changes to the server list lobby.

- (1) Make the time limit for custiom games 15 minutes per round. That way it doesn't become spammed with rediculously long matches like KZ2 has become.

- (2) Give each match a number or code on the list. That way if I leave a match for any reason, I can easily select a totally different match.


Step 5: Give us the option to make L2 or the classic L3 our aim down the sights button.


Step 6: Keep the running speed & endurance level exactly like it was in KZ2. Do NOT shorten the endurance like GG did in KZ3 & do NOT shorten the speed like GG did in KZ: Shadow Fall.


Step 7: Bring all the weapons from the single player & multiplayer from KZ2 & 3. Include all these weapons into the combined remaster multiplayer. Add some secondary weapons from the campaign like the petrucite & poision gas grenade.


Step 8: Bring all the multiplayer classes from KZ2 & 3 into the remaster.  They could also add cool classes like ther (Shock troper & Heavy from the campaigns). This should give us a grand total of 12 classes in the remaster.

- soldier

- medic

- engineer

- tactician

- sabeteur

- Assult

- infiltrator

- sniper

- markeman

- Shock Trooper

- Heavy

- a female class


Step 9: Add optional ISA EXO's &  Helghast Walker tanks to the big maps, like Pyrrhus Rise, Salamun Market, Corinth Palace, Junkyard, & Southern Hills.


Step 10: Make the classes customizable by giving us optional uniforms to select. There are many character uniforms from the campaign that will look cool in multiplayer.



- Keep the Spawn grenade from KZ2 & give the tacticians 3 of them in there teams inventory. This will prevent spawn trolling, give beter tacticians the ability to still throw spawns in beter places if one spawn has been thrown in a bad spot.

- Make players spawn randomly within a 10 foot radius around the spawn grenade instead of directly on top of it. This will prevent spawn camping.

- Also give each squad leader the destructable spawn beacon from KZ: Shadow Fall, so they can use it just for there own squad.





I'm sure I will think of some new thing to add, but for now, this is my vision of the perfect Killzone 2 & 3 remaster.





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Re: Would you like Killzone 2 & 3 remastered on PS4?

add in more imerion into level design as well as dynamic enviroment lighting/ lightning storms/ dust and particals to effect texture maps on bodys designs. the reason for dynamic deisgn is to show the realism like for example rain can pounce off your weapon and cold can frezze a weapon if your camping a long time in one spot. 

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Re: Would you like Killzone 2 & 3 remastered on PS4?

Hi, I'm fond of the series from the first killzone. I've played them all. If i can you to let me know. I'm italian. Please send me the link to vote and keep me posted. Personally i would agree to a remastering of all killzone for ps4. Thank you. ID psn spide29

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Re: Would you like Killzone 2 & 3 remastered on PS4?

Been getting into Killzone Shadow Fall and Killzone 3 hard lately and I agree Killzone 3 ,and 2, would be great remaster additions to the PS4. It would really revive the community.