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incorrect work

Lost experience and tape. will explain with an example: after the fight in the statistics it was written that I have left 100 experience to the rank of colonel , and after another fight, I had to get the experience to have 200 titles. Ie statistics experience counted , and in fact I did not get one . same thing with ribbons , tape got 6 " thug " , I look at the statistics and there are only 5 tapes.
I paid money for a comfortable game without bugs and other things, but what I got ?
and also why the statistics do not work?
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Re: incorrect work

[ Edited ]
KZ2 is like a spaceship. When it doesn't work, it sux. But when it does, it's the ride of a lifetime. 😟😊

On the other hand, COD is like a Lamborghini with only first and 2nd gears working out of six gears. 😆