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Registreret: ‎06-22-2009

Re-visiting PS2

I used to love "Black" on the PS2. That was the first FPS that really drew me into the genre. The graphics  were considered to be some of the best seen on the PS2. I thought they were pretty **bleep** special at the time.

I just went back to the game today.....WTF??

I thought I was playing a PS1. LOL.

Looks friggin' terrible.


Ya know, when you get used to playing KZ2 in HD, it pretty much makes everything else look like **bleep**. No kidding.

Even other PS3 games look average compared to it.

Tom Clancy....LOL. I've seen better graphics on a Dreamcast.


PS - Black is a great game. Awesome gameplay. I'm not bashing it. Just going back to it was like getting slapped in the face with a smelly fish. ROFFLE.

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Registreret: ‎04-28-2009

Re: Re-visiting PS2