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Registered: ‎04-02-2015

Promote problemPPpROMOTE PROBLEM

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Hello! At first i'm telling my english is not too good, but i'm trying say what is the problem. I am now begin the Killzone 2 on multyplayer at 2 month ago and everything was look good. But after i reached an optional rank in multiplayer after 3 hour playing, my rank stopped on an level during i'm earned thousands of points with 2 day playing. At now i can't going foward. After some match i get the promotions, but after I'm getting back from the match, my statistic and my rank turning back to the previous level. I'm tried reinstall the game and the all of the saves, but it is not helped. I'm could not find any information about this bug on the internet and from my experienced friends, whos playd lot of time on the Killzone 2. Anyone can tell me, what is the problem, and how can i fix it? Thank you. Sorry for the post name. I'm can't understand why writed this words. I can't edit or delete it...