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How do you get the secondary classes?

I'm fairly new to Warzone (just ranked up to Captain) and i was wondering how do you get the secondary classes for the primary ones? (eg. being a medic and using tactician flying bots as secondary) also, could you's please tell me what rank you have to be to unlock all the classes?
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Sv: How do you get the secondary classes?

Well first of all, Medics can't use tactican flying bots (not that i know about), but to even get the secondary abillity you have you use (lets say the Medic's) primary abillity "the revive gun" or whatever it's called. if i remember correctly, you have to revive 5 team members in order to get a ribbon, and you have to get that ribbon 8 times to unlock the Medic's secondary abillity, which is "health packs" that restores all of your health (or others)

And the same goes for all the other classes. you have to use the class' primary abillity to unlock the class' secondary abillity Glad humørikon

I hope you understand what i'm saying Blinkende humørikon
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Re: How do you get the secondary classes?

If I use my Engineer dude in the same game I'm playing he can plant turrents, and can also summon a flying bot the tactician character would normally use.
I'm pretty sure its just gatting all the ribbons from what ever specialty you manage to achive? I think thats how it works cause Ive only been playing for nearly 2 months only.
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Re: How do you get the secondary classes?

At some point, you can also use the secondary classes (ie flying bots) with your other classes, mix and match. You have to get the secondary ribbons for each of them, etc.