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Registered: ‎01-18-2012


Happy new year and best wishes from me also!! I havent play for months because i dont have my PS3...My Noob uncle took it to play NBA2K Jezzz..I Wish for this game also to be alive in the 2015 cause its by far one of the best multi games ever !!!


Best wishes to all my friends/haters/noobs/community and to my family Wutz!


Prototype_xy:best wishes for you and your family dude!By far the best leader ever!!!Greetings from Greece!!


Jack_Knife-1:best wishes for ya my friend!You da best!I hope to get soon my PS3 to run into our kingdom rise bro <3 !By the way im playing Counter strike Global Offensive when i have free time!Im in high Rank and rape them with my AWP !! Smiley Happy


Yza_ : Best Wishes for  you bro!By far my favorite Sniper! Smiley Wink i hope someday we can play together again in Pyrhus it was so fun! Smiley Very Happy


Natural_beauty01/Creative Wish you to be a good Sniper with balls and heavy balls not Glitch shooter,Not flamer 24/7 in messages.!And stop hidding behind new fake accounts.Whats the point to kill someone with your new account? That makes you feel better??Even with those new account i can feel and undestand who the **bleep** is in the other side from the time he joins in the game stupid Idiot.I know your moves and what you can do,where you can shot.Plus also stop sending Jimbeam in the spectators to search for my locations ZzzzZZz even the dust in the Pyrhus knows about that Smiley Very Happy !!Go f@ck off also its a good wish that you deserve to hear it..!!! Heart Heart