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GG take note,Stat padders would hate these ideas!!!

First off this isnt mine.I saw this post and decided to put it here.i hope GG will alteast see it and consider these options.They are awesome!!!

LiQuiZoN wrote:

Note: To avoid confusion - These are ADDITIONAL to the existing point system.

There exists a "Problem" with Killzone 2.

It has nothing to do with balancing.

It has nothing to do with map design.

It even to a lesser exist has little to do with base camping. (although this could be improved)

The actual problem lies with how users play this game. It is a class
based game BY DESIGN. So a self-centered approach is not only an
unhealthy one, but it basically defeats the purpose of this game.

The problem lies in the incentive system.
You have a class based game, with a kill based incentive system. It
would never ever work. Even the small Objective incentives you added
are only enough to push players into the proper Locations...but what
about the proper ROLES?

Heres a Simple Fix that will DRASTICALLY change how the game plays and feels and
will turn These KZ2 matches into Team Warfare! Rather then a self-seeking game where everyone wants to rack up killcounts (for more points).

Give Role-based "Bonus Incentives" to players who play their class right.


*Kill Based Classes*
SOLDIER: Straight up Kill Based! Give bonus points for Kill Streaks! (this will also get soilders to call for Medpacks, to keep a streak alive)
SABEUTOR: More points for Kills while disguised. Even More points for Killing an enemy in the Back!

*Support Based Classes*
ENGINEER: No Additional points neccessary. Kills via bots are more then enough.

MEDIC: Additional Bonus points for Revivals and Heals. Give HEALING a higher bonus then revival! (And make health packs appear on radar)

ASSAULT: Additional Bonus points for an Assault class who kills Air Bots and Ground Turrets!

TACTICTIAN: Additional Bonus points for Players Spawning at your Spawn point. Bonus points for Defending kills within the Spawn point area.
SNIPER: Additional Bonus points for Kills with in an objective area! Additional Bonus points for killing a Soilder or Disguised Sabeutor!


Without hese incentives, the player base will continue to play the game wrong. A game which by design isn't a self-centered one. Unfortunetly there are better games for that very goal. This is a game that is designed for a Team and if players would play roles properly, people wouldn't be arguing about "balancing issues" when infact there doesn't exist any. Its about HOW they play. Not What they play.

Thank you for your read
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Re: GG take note,Stat padders would hate these ideas!!!

I like this... I like this alot!

Its truely a great idea, but i still think we'd see rocket whores and spawn campers (even more so after this) going crazy for the extra points.

The only one that truly makes sense is the sniper and medic bonuses. Simply because being a sniper... eh for some (not I), points dont come near as fast and its tricky camping/waiting for foes in your sight. And the medic, well who are we kidding! about 2% of the people who choose medic DON'T heal players, they either revive in the WRONG situation (resulting in another kill) or they try to kill the enemy with their revive gun-thing-a-ma-jiggy.

Tacticians getting points for spawning on their spawn? Holy crap seriously? I think people would start getting 1k+ points per match simply because of the demand for a good spawn. Not to mention many people (including me), would not want to spawn simply because we know we'd be giving some jackass "freebies".... Not fun imo.

Engineers getting nothing? COULDNT BE HAPPIER Meget glad humørikon

However the whole Assault killing bots for more points would be brilliant (i'd probably do that for entire games simply because of the sheer number of bots being thrown up).

And I do suppose the Sabatour idea makes sense.... Although the smg is a cheap but hellafun weapon to use.

And while this game may have been made for "team-effort" by all means is it simply a "team" game. You can do your thing any way you want to, just try to win Humørikon med tunge So many times have I won simply by being a lone wolf, and that requires a bit more finesse when it comes to tactics.

Over all I think the game is good where its at, just need that DLC3 asap! Not to mention maybe 2 new classes in the future (Assassin and Juggernaut? Meget glad humørikon)
Well that was my 1.29 cents, enjoy.
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Re: GG take note,Stat padders would hate these ideas!!!

Great idea!
At the moment this game is far too simple, GG needs to step up and bring new mechanics to the game if it's going to survive until KZ3 comes out.