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Registreret: ‎02-28-2009

GET IT DONE **bleep**

can it please be made so people HAVE to spawn? once again just lost a clan war, it's 3-3, last mode is body count. they take a big lead, then hide in spawn (spawn bots need to be also taken out, they're pointless and just make it easier to camp in SnR and BC)... eventually we start pulling it back. We're 1 kill behind and they all suicide. This was against the number 1 clan in the world for christ sake....

i'm sick of feeling paranoid everytime some other team takes the lead in BC. Making it so you don't have to spawn is just ridiculous and I can't believe it's still in.. depsite making it SO easy to cheat on the most popular game mode...

bottom like: take out spawn bots, and force people to spawn. you can class this thread as identifying a cheat in the game, not a moan thread.
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Registreret: ‎07-29-2009

Re: GET IT DONE **bleep**

Welcome to _xX_kz2_-_sucks_Xx_ the top ranked clan on kz2.