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Registered: ‎08-05-2011

search and retrieve....and steal

played some search and retrieve.

i didn't know you could steal them back.

saw a bot come into our base, run through a gauntlet of bullets pick up a target and leave with it. it was awesome!


after i realized this, i went to the enemy side and tried to steal a target too.

KZ1 is a fun game. it has its flaws but overall it's a good game.


i only wish there was online multiplayer.

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Re: search and retrieve....and steal

The game is alot more enjoyable now with the hd facelift and smooth framerate, it's too bad  they didn't include the mp.

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Re: search and retrieve....and steal

by the way in that game mode if you did not know it when you was playing your game bots once they pick up the targets they shave unstoppable sprint u have to sprint after them to even get a chance to take them down do you ever notice that they don't pick up some of the weapons on the ground like the shotgun, silenced pistol, etc? if only they made MP for this it would skyrocket into a even better game

I always win on deathmatch like 4 ex on southern hills i always go onto the sniper tower and start sniping everybody it is so fun!

if on psn, speak english (ENGLISH ONLY) and would like to become a friend on psn (usually not playing a lot on weekends as i got nascar events (practice, qualifying, races, etc) psn id is: nascarracer1988