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OPC Let's Play Killzone HD

Over on the official forums we do these "Let's Play.." type videos every now and then.  Now that release season is hotting up we have more and more lined up.


We took the time to do a look at Killzone HD, hope you enjoy



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Re: OPC Let's Play Killzone HD

KILLZONE 1 HD IS AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Smiley Happy

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Re: OPC Let's Play Killzone HD


"Wouldn't it be terrible if he was actually self aware, and you were trying to end his life"


Thats good stuff, and how you completely get consumed in the objective of killing higs and forget the score Smiley Very Happy


Very true about looking down at the weapon during reloads, I never noticed that, but I always do it.. doesn't matter, Killzone 1, 2, and 3, In KZ I always looked at the bullets on the M82 (thats what its called right)


Another cool thing about Killzone 1 is that every single bullet is seems like only tracers in KZ2 are cause I remember this was asked on this site once


Pst Yaster... try and get them to talk about some KZ1 servers again Smiley Happy


Love you holmes

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Re: OPC Let's Play Killzone HD

yaster: How did you post this video?