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Registreret: ‎05-09-2007

Killzone Online - Suggestions!

I played Killzone online today at great length for the first time.

I'd played the game a few times before but not to the extent that I did today..

I noticed that my USB headset stopped working occasionally? I take it that this bug must have been noticed a few times - and if so, how come it hasn't been patched?

I know that GG are really busy working on Killzone 2 - but guys, you could hire some interns or something to work solely on improving the Killzone experience as it currently is..

Hope about integrating the online stats into the website or something like you did with the PSP version? That wouldn't be so hard would it?

I really like the way the 'Buddy' system works - though it sucks to have to leave a server to see whos on and who isn't.. I also want to be able to add people to my 'Buddy List' in the middle of a match - it's crazy that I can't! Why can't I add a buddy from the Post-Game report area?

I hope you guys are going to include some method of buying extra maps and stuff for KZ2 because that'll greatly increase the longevity of the game.

I'm sure I'm telling you guys stuff you already know - but well, you know, just wanna air my views ;-)

Oh - and also - when you make the Team Deathmatch option for KZ2 can you have an option so that the host can decide whether you can hear the opposition's voices? Or perhaps employ the system Halo 2 uses, where you can hear people when they are close by?

I dunno. I know that KZ isn't a Halo wannabe - but there's nothing wrong with looking at the competition and understanding what they did right..

And one final but huge request/suggestion.. How about creating some kind of level upload system - where people can create their own maps and upload them to PSN to share?

People could create them on the PC/Mac, stick them on a USB stick and copy them to their PS3.. Is this feasible perhaps?

Who knows - it's probably too late in the day for all the features I'm suggesting - KZ2 is probably well past the design stage now, isn't it? Isn't it!? :-)
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Registreret: ‎06-30-2007

Re: Killzone Online - Suggestions!

They don't have ps2 dev kits anymore so you'll just have to wait for Killzone 2.
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Re: Killzone Online - Suggestions!

True, it would be nice for them to tweak some of the problems that killzone had, but don't you think that they should be spending more time and money on the new game? Besides, there's not too many people that play regular Killzone anymore now that so many new first person shooters are out.
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Re: Killzone Online - Suggestions!

Pretty goods ideas