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KZ1 HD damage: Nowhere close....

I played the original Killzone religiously. Before I retired my copy I had over 33,000 kills logged in the game stats. With that said I remember the original game vividly, and I don't remember having to dump and entire clip into enemies before they die. What gives now with the HD installment? I fill a bot full of lead and he keeps coming at me. I've even shotgunned people to the head and they don't always die.

Hopefully they patch this in the future because I'd like the old Killzone back, where people actually died when you shoot them.


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Re: KZ1 HD damage: Nowhere close....

Just fire in small controlled burst, take head shoots, and give the characters the right weapons(Ex: don't give Rico or Lugar assault rifles their not good with em).

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Re: KZ1 HD damage: Nowhere close....

Controlled burst fire all weapons. never go full auto on the troops.


Ex: if you pick up the Sta-52, just tap the fire trigger and he should go down in about 4-5 shots rather yo just emptying half a clip of them.


The bloom effect on the reticle will not show when you fire, but it's there. Holding down the fire button on any weapon will make the accuracy drop, at least from my experience.