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Registered: ‎12-03-2013

Good game BUT...

HORRIBLE checkpoint system!!! I never had a problem with not being able to beat a level in any game because of the checkpoint system. In KZ 1 ther are levels that are about 15 min long with NO checkpoints whatsoever!! If you die you start over. Wouldnt be such a big problem if 1) the enemies didnt take so many god **bleep** bullets and 2) if the guns werent so **bleep** inaccurate! The guns that were a godsend were the helghast lmg (with round clip at the bottom), the sniper, the ISA assault rifle,and the silenced smg(and launchers/explosives) . If we had only one of these problems it would have been fine but with both it was a pain to get through some of the levels. And you can sprint for only about 4 seconds but you HAVE to leave L3 pressed wich makes my thumb hurt like hell after playing for an hour

a minor thing also is that I couldnt find the names of the guns anywhere in the game. 

The game was surprisingly long too(maybe because I died alot),it took me 17 hrs to beat it !! I wish the other Kz's were that long!!