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Registered: ‎12-22-2014

Helghast Story?

I would love to see a game with a dark storyline set in the Killzone universe were you play a Helghast instead of the ISA and here's a few reasons why Smiley Happy
We don't know much about the ISA compared to what we know about the Helghast people, that means we have an easier time to identify with the Helghast and their struggles, we see a repressed people with strong ideals and we aspire to have the same strength and certainty in our own ideals. In my eyes the game should not be about the ISA fighting the Helghast, it should be about the every day Helghast soldier or cevilian who's sacrificing his life for the cause he believes in. I mean we see the Helghasts home world destroyed! and the developers don't expect us to relate with that kind of struggle? why do the developers expect us to keep cheering for the "American" ISA when they're the ones destroying the Helghasts home world. In the first game it was the Helghast who attacked the ISA and we could relate to wanting to stop them, but i feel the further we get in the series of games the more we see the ISA as the enemy rather than the defenders of justice.
It's more beautiful to see the perspective of a helghast  rather than an ISA soldier, who's self sacrificing to the core and that's why i think the developers of this game are focusing on the wrong side of the conflict.