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I ask you to say what you want for the next Killzone multiplayer, developed by Guerrilla Gambridge according to some rumors. We can help GG develop an online experience better than KZSF.

Posts: 102
Registered: ‎02-06-2014


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Dear GG (Cambridge?),
1- Copy and paste from KZ2: aim, physics, maps design, many classes, ammoboxes, emplaced machine gun, 32 players, limited simultaneous respawn beacons and bots, swap a class's second ability for any other second ability unlocked, custom matches, menus, Assassination mode.
2- Copy and past from KZ3: mechs (I hate mechs in a FPS multiplayer, but casual gamers and Hideo Kojima love them) and Operations mode.
3- Introduce a map editor (yes a MAP EDITOR) and weekly or monthly promote your/our favourite maps. Don't worry about your DLCs, we will pay for them if you let us fall in love with your game.
4- Copy and past respawn system from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for bypass spawn camping. When a team is getting killed near spawn base, an alternate spawn base becomes available.
5- Nerf noob tubes, rocket launchers (if there will be) and spray and pray weapons like KZSF Voltage and Purger. Many people abuse them and new frustrated players quit forever.
6- Introduce deathmatch (free for all with "random" respawn) and some "COD" game modes for funny moments.
7- Introduce game mode leaderboards and REMOVE warzone leaderboards for avoid people play the same warzones for don't loose their positions on them. With game mode leaderbords people will play custom warzones (the big fail of KZSF).
8- A good and "endless" ranking system like some mainstream FPS.
9- A good clan system (since Day 1).
10- A balanced matchmaking system.
11- Fixed frame rate (give us a constant frame rate...30 fps is ok for console gaming).
12- Remove motion blur (it's you know some good FPS multiplayer with massive motion blur? NO!)
13- Give us dedicated servers and a MANUAL region select option.
14- Introduce a team leader like MAG. With a similar system more people play for objectives.
15- Introduce a text chat like MGO and PC gaming.
16- Introduce a commo rose and a spotting system like BF.
17- Give us smoke grenades, stun grenades (flash bang), EMP grenades, jammers (fixed, not portable like scrambler from KZ3), night vision scope, thermal scope.
18- Give us PORTABLE shields and let us use them with pistols. KZSF shields promote camping with primary weapons and noob tubes.
19- Give us more weapon customizations and a system for try them before play (copy and paste Gunsmith from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier).
20- Less bots, more drones. Introduce non-lethal remote-controlled drones for tag enemies and engage them with stun and EMP. If players want tag and stun enemies, they have to lose their mobility.
21- Fully customizable controls.

Dear Sony,
1- Release next KZ multiplayer as free to play (not pay to win) with some limits (for example map editor is locked) if you want make money with this multiplayer IP and give us more players online. Many people will pay for the full game experience, DLC and other BU LL SH IT like skins for bots.
2- More marketing like EA Games (Battlefield).
3- Give to GG more money and people for develop a better game.

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I like Shadow Fall multiplayer, so I want just more small things in sequel.

- few skins for guns and characters 
- destructible enviroment (visual changes, not affective to gameplay)
- more attachements
- every map avalible in night/day version
- option to choose fraction
- split support class to medic, tactic and support
- events on maps
- female class 
- special weapons on maps (like flamethrower etc.)

Everything else is great. Smiley Happy

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[ Edited ]

Couple of thoughts. Though I'm torn about buying another KZ game right now. It's fun when it works but it could have been a lot better. Right now, nothing spectacular really stands out about the game to make it special.


- Add a multiplayer warzone tutorial for new players so the game is more accessible and they aren't overwhelmed without knowing what they're supposed to be doing.

- I generally like the spawn beacons although it was fun being able to throw 'hidden' spawns in KZ2.

- Bring 3 or 4 man squads back.


- Have a base plus an outpost to spawn at so there are always two fixed spawns in addition to placeable spawns. This would help alleviate base camping and not having any tacticians.


- One hit kills should be limited to brutal melee, close range shotguns, headshots and bolt action sniper rifles.


- Most SF maps feel too small.

- Things like area chat and clans need to be in from the start. Gaming is a social activity and experience.


- There needs to be a limit to the number of active bots in a game. 2-3 of each is plenty. A team shouldn't be able to win defense because they drop 15 bots in an area. OR make ground bots have a fairly large explosion area when destroyed so it takes out other bots and players so people can't cluster them.

- Multiplayer servers need to be smooth as silk. A multiplayer shooter that lags heavily on a regular basis just seems less and less appealing to put in the PS4 after awhile.

- Ping and region need to be visible on each player and we should be able to limit who can join a room based on those criteria. I don't mind someone out of region joining--except when their ping is 3000ms.


- If you keep shields in the game reduce their health by about 50%. It's too **bleep** easy to drop a shield and mow down 3 people shooting into it before they can destroy it. A shield should only soak up a small amount of damage.

- Missiles should lock on faster (or have a free-aim option) and/or should always destroy a turret or drone in one shot. Never heard of a drone that can survive multiple missile strikes. Smiley Wink