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Registrerad: ‎10-07-2009

Shadow Company Clan Recruiting

Shadow Company (SC) is a new PS3 Gaming Clan and is looking for new members to join our international online gaming community. We are proud to be a 400+ member clan on the PS3 Platform that is broken down into smaller divisions, and even further into smaller squads.

We have several Divisions that support different games that are already being played and games that have not yet been released like Killzone2, COD:MW, COD:W@W & Resistance 2. With other divisions/games like Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, MAG & MW2 soon to follow.

We are a very organized and respectful clan, as Shadow Company works heavily on tactics and strategy while keeping the experience fun and entertaining. We are very active in Gamebattles and other ladders.

Within our clan we have three different levels of Squads to meet everyone’s needs:

1) Introductory, for those that are new to SC to learn our rules, regulations, and tactics.

2) Structured, for those that want to bring their gaming to the next level but can only play a few times a week.

3) Competitive, for those that want the ultimate challenge to compete against the best clans out there.

In addition to our online gaming offerings, we also offer in house tournaments and ways to earn merit and skill badges for your personal dossier. Our forums are very active full of interesting and fun topics as well as very helpful information.

We may be just what you are looking for.

Sign up today, you won’t be disappointed.

So come check us out at

For more information you can PM me here, or contact one of our many recruiters on our site.

Be sure to tell them Sniper_Ogre96 sent you!!
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Message Edited by Sniper_Ogre96 on 11-18-2009 03:20 PM