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Registered: ‎06-27-2014

Looking for a Co-op Clan or Team

     Subject pretty much says it all. I'm a longtime fan of Killzone and have played the multiplayer of each game. Played Shadow Fall a lot when it came out but took a break and Im looking to get back into it. 


     I've tried out the Co-op mode and I've managed to get used to all 4 classes while remaining on top of the board with each. I've realized though that I would be having a lot more fun if there was some better coordination and would like to just have someone to talk to.


    Send me a message on here or on PS4 if you'd like to give me a chance. I'm also up for multiplayer but I must admit that I'm a little rusty.


PSN ID: Dethfuse

Victory or death; death before dishonor.
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Re: Looking for a Co-op Clan or Team

Hi mate PSN: Bissy_89

Same state as you, starting to play KZ a bit more and looking for active players. Feel free to add for some co-op or multiplayer