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Registreret: ‎08-16-2013

[HN] Hunters North Recruiting PS4

Hello, im one of the leaders of [HN] We're currently recruiting players for the PS4 for Killzone and other upcoming shooters. We're an European clan, that's why this is all in English


Clan history:
Most of our core members were from top clans in Socom 2 on the PS2. After it died out we fuzed with players from other clans to make an appearance on GR:AW on the 360. As the
"unkown newcomers" to that community we managed to beat every active top teams and get in the top 3 on the EU ladder.
In 2006 we started as "Game JunkieZ" (a name from one of our clans on Socom 2) with a smaller more active roster which would later on be renamed to "Hunters North".
We started on RB6:Vegas for the 360, becoming #1 on the EU Gamebattles ladder. When the game was released for the PS3 in 2007 we managed to get to rank 1 again, this was on the Consolegaming ladder. Doing the same thing with Vegas 2.
After Vegas 2 we still kept on playing games like Halo, Gears of War and Battlefield altough it was more casual, this was mostly the case because of lack of time due to the leaders getting a military career. The core members have an avarage experience of 200+ clan matches and with the leaders having lead our clan and other clans on other games to the top, we feel it's time to make our appearance back on the PS4.


What we are looking for:
- Good players, you dont have to be top notch, but you definatly need to have some skill
- Players who can speak English and have a mic if they want to play matches
- Loyal teamplayers. individual skill is just as important as the teams performance. We don't need clan hoppers. We need people who can work in a team and grow as a team, and aaint scared for a loss
- Mature players. Age is not that important. As long as you can act normal in open rooms and not rage or whine during a match.


Clan info:
We will be playing several shooters on the PS4 (It's not mandatory to play all the games we play as a clan, being active on a single game is just as fine with us)

Everyone interested in joining will be given a fair change. We treat everyone with respect and dont behave like elitest jerks
Our site and forum will be back up once we're closer to the release of the PS4.

If intrested, leave a comment here or send me a PM.