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Registered: ‎02-28-2009

[GRÎ] Gens Resisto Iustus

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Gens Resisto Iustus is currently recruiting. What are we looking for in clan members? Simply put -- people who enjoy playing Killzone 2! [GRÎ] was not created to be the MOST competitive clan one could join, but to be the most fun. Now, don’t get me wrong... We will still be as competitive in our games as anyone else, but enjoying Killzone 2 for what it is (a game) is the number one goal. Why else would we play? I understand many people want to be #1 and believe me, I would love to be #1 myself. This is not the reason I play, and we are looking for more people who feel the same.

What we are looking for is simple, and everyone who feels similarly is more than welcome to join. Some of the things we encourage are as follows:
- Friendly people who have a good attitude towards others
- People who communicate well (regardless of language, but English is preferred, and yes... Broken English is still English ;-P)
- Competitiveness, but not to the extent to conflict with Rule #1: HAVE FUN!
- People who can work well together tactically when necessary
- Players looking for a clan they can enjoy being in, where being #1 is not top priority

Anybody who feels this may be the clan for them please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I do not require people to "tryout", but as with any other establishment, those who cannot follow the rules or become rather dishonorable amongst their fellow gamers will be dealt with accordingly. Rude, lewd, or otherwise crude behavior will not be tolerated. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or anything at all, please feel free to message me. And above all else... HAVE FUN!

MemnochGRI - Leader [GRÎ]

P.S.. - Eastern USA time zone here for any who wish to know.
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