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Registreret: ‎07-16-2011

For the fun of it all!

We are happy to announce that today is the starting of  [color=#dd2423][b]Deth'oX's[/b] [/color] we're  alive & kicking! 


European clan playing PS3 on following games:  Battlefield 3,  Killzone 3,  Modern Warfare 3.


We have short amount of members, so everybodys welcome to test us out. Anybody intrested will get their oportunity of become a member. The thing that matters is that you act mature and keep this clan from bad reputation at all cost.


Instead be a part of the community and feel involved as we want everyone to feel as involved they can and enjoy their time around while we still progress inside and keep the train moving towards the better.


Also i want to add; We dont push winning games to far and risk to kill the fun of it all..
But competition exist, ofcourse we will play, train and compete. What im saying is we rather let the good times continue than create something we aint


Any further questions or intrests feel free to log on to website for further matters


Thanks for your time
// Guran

PSN: guran654