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Registered: ‎12-21-2013

CLAN RECRUITING - B1ooD R1cH (Founding Member of Tactical Platoon/ ranked 13 in World)


Hello everyone, my name (PSN) is Pwnage_Legend. I am now recruiting serious players only. Players who know what their doing, and even people who just want to learn. I understand that some players here play everyday, but maybe aren't as good as they want to be. That is fine, together we can become stronger. I have just started this clan through Killzone, however I am the commander in many different platforms and games. The reason I tell you this is because I do try to play everyday day or every other day, but it becomes hard, because I am having clan matches all the time, so it becomes quite crazy. However, that is why I need serious players who can make this clan theirs, and together we will honestly destroy everyone. The first 3 members who join my clan will become LTS. Your in charge of the clan, and the content we put on our new website, twitter, youtube, etc. You will also need to help recruit, however while it seems like alot of work I will be helping you. We are a team. If members prove themselves within standard play they will be premoted and rewarded as well. Thank you everyone for taking time, and reading this far. 


Background Info: 


This is a new account I have created guys and gals because my old psn was actually my full name (pretty stupid right?). However, i am a killzone Veteran when it comes to this game, and my love for it. I played killzone 1 on ps2, and my fav game by far has to be kz2. Its the only reason why I bought a ps3. I am one of the founding members of Tactical Platoon. One of the better known clans (shamless bragging..a little) as we were ranked 13th in the world at one point on KZ2 peak days. I have also fought besides the Avengers (ranked 9 in world), and other high level clans. 


"This clan will dominate everyone in its path. No mercy for the weak, and no room for runner ups." 

instagram: bloodrichclan