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Community Team
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We’re moving to the playstation community forums!

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Re: We’re moving to the playstation community forums!

a truly change for good.. I am trying to post a message and all I got is

"Der Benutzer xxxxxx verfügt nicht über die folgenden Berechtigungen bei bEN_Games_Killzone: [ allow_add_labels, allow_manage_labels ]"

Smiley Frustrated

if I try NOT to use label then I am stopped because it is compulsory field...


for the record text of message was:

in re:we have all to move here from the original killzone forum.

graphic and user friendliness are not exactly the strong points here ....


however since this is an official PSN forum maybe the latin language speakers could finally be listened at for what regards the ridicolus policy of SONY on "bad words" , I cannot name my KZSF (or COD) class "assalto" (latin for "assault" ) because it contains profanity  ... SONY what about having dictionary in different languages ?