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Registered: ‎09-22-2009

Re: Preliminary patch notes Patch 1.07

i was a big KZ2 fan i always played online with KZ2, it was the only fps i used to play till KZ3, but i don't like KZ3 online. thx to KZ3 now i play on COD, i admit i prefer BO to MW.


KZ3 online sux because:


- the maps sux.

- the new online party making system sux. i miss the old custom public party system. really.

- we like to play to KZ2 because it was KZ and not COD.


i don't understand why the game didn't evolve like lowering the precision when you fire withtout zooming. it's way more realistic. cause actually we fire without looking on your gun at great distance. and in 2012 this is awkward.


the customerisation of the sensibility of the controller is a good thing.


btw i bought the KZ3 online edition, well...


the solo was pretty good. i guess the online is no more what make this game sell.


will you release the custom public party patch ?

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Re: Preliminary patch notes Patch 1.07

Any chance for  throw back dlc or any new dlc with the new trilogy release?