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Re: Maintenance - Monday 23rd May 2011 - 10:30 - 12:30 (BST)

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Hey Lev, I'd like to ask you a real quick if you don't mind replying back.

It may be off topic, but I have no other way of you seeing this. Smiley Sad


As you know of the release of the steel rain map pack DLC, all PlayStation Plus subscribers were able to download this DLC for free for one month after the release of the DLC on the 12th of April (US) on the PlayStation Store. As we all know, none of us were able to access the PlayStation Store since the outage on the 20th of April and yet have access to the Store.


My question to you is, the day when the Playstation Store becomes accessible again, will we PS+ users be able to download the DLC for free still? Since it was only out for free only for about a week or so and it was intended to be for a month but wasn't due to the outage.

Will it not be anymore, since everyone will have Playstation Plus and will download if they could?

It's alright if you're not sure of it. This is all just out of curiosity. Well.. mainly because I have the SteelRain map pack and my cousin doesn't and he wants it after telling him how sick it is lol.


Any answer from you will be delightful.






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Re: Maintenance - Monday 23rd May 2011 - 10:30 - 12:30 (BST)


 i was just wonderin are they goin to fix the banning problem like i keep getting a that says error code 10000(303) can u tell me if they will fix that because it is really annoying.


                                              thanks, HouseofPainJR

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Re: Maintenance - Monday 23rd May 2011 - 10:30 - 12:30 (BST)

wow about time we see some sort of effort from you guys way to charge 60 dollars for a rushed game in this economy.  Im getting real sick of all you FPS guys trying to keep up with COD I understand you wanna make your money and don't get me wrong we all do.  But what about your fans who have been loyal to the franchise from day one?  way to not listen to them at all.  I like the idea of the spawn grenades out ppl just turned them into a spawn camp fest.  My biggest complaint with this game and im a huge killzone fan by the way what the hell is up with the marksman class?  And what idiot thought it was a good idea to give this guy god like powers lol.  You give him the ability to jam radars cloak and now you give this guy the best assault rife in the game in my opinion every other class should have an option to use that weapon why the **bleep** would u give it to him?  That makes this game so **bleep**ing cheap its crazy and ive seen i don't know how many guys on this blog complaining about this since the beta and yet you guys still have done nothing.  You guys will never be COD especially not **bleep**ing listing to your fans more and more of my friends are getting rid of this game and moving on because of **bleep** like this its to **bleep**ing cheap yall need to hit these forums more and listen to your fans that marksman **bleep** has to go are your fans will.